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Tegyen vállalkozása sikeréért! Legyen partneri számára élmény a kapcsolatfelvétel cégével. Készíttesse el cége egységes arculatát, velünk!

Logo Design

Our creativity and professional experience result in your satisfaction.

Logo design, logo creation process:

  1. Task survey
  2. Send a quote
  3. Order
  4. Modify as needed:
    4.a. apróbb módosítások – 2 alkalommal – benne vannak az árajánlatban adott árban.
    4.b. In case of a bigger change, we will give you an additional price offer.
  5. Acceptance, certificate of completion
  6. Issuance of an invoice
  7. Transfer and use of the logo in the desired size.

Banner creation

It offers us quality products and services in vain if your customers are not informed about them! Draw their attention with a banner! If required, we also provide a regular banner creation service with banner placement.

What kind of banner do we make?

  • on-demand (“image”) size
  • Properly legible captions
  • Draws attention
  • Optimized (file) size = fast page loading
  • Animated on demand

Describe your ideas about the future banner, ask for an offer to make a banner!