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Whether you need to modify your existing website or need a new website, we can help. We are the good choice!


We make a website that meets the expectations of today. It works on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. You and your partners, and Google, will be satisfied with the speed and structure of the page…

We make such website types:

  • PHP / HTML based search engine optimized website (other web developer or our company updates content)
  • WordPress tartalomkezelő alapú honlap (webes adminisztrációs felületen ön vagy mi frissítjük a tartalmát.)

Ajánlatot kérek honlapkészítésre



We know you can do great things. Now is the time to find out what your company can do with us. We know how to create content that your customers and Google like.

Whatever your website is, we can help with content creationbanner creation, content uploadtext writinggraphic elements makingwebsite restructuring.

We undertake to upgrade your website and webshop in a discounted monthly fee plan as follows:

Fresh website

  • Period: Every two weeks
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Activity: content update (text and image files)
  • Working Hours:
    2 hours / month
  • monthly fee: $ 50

Creative website

  • Period: Weekly
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Activity: content update 
    (text and image files) graphic elements making as needed
  • Working Hours:
    4 hours / month
  • monthly fee: $ 10

An up to date website

  • Period: Twice a week
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Activity: content update
    (text and image files) graphic elements making as needed marketing images, banner creation, continuous error handling, fixes, optimization.
  • Working Hours:
    8 hours / month
  • monthly fee: $ 150

For us, 1 hour is really 60 minutes. 🙂

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